Lose Followers On Instagram? 5 Causes Explained With Solutions

Have you noticed a decrease in your followers on Instagram? Are your posts with captivating images and exciting stories no longer resonating with the same audience that once appreciated them? If so, you’re not alone. Many users increasingly find their follower count decreasing despite having great content. Luckily, there are a few common reasons for this phenomenon and solutions to resolving it. By better understanding why we lose followers on Instagram, we can start engaging our audiences more effectively once again. In this article, we will examine 5 of the most frequent causes behind dropping follow-counts and how to resolve each problem to regain users’ lost followers and maintain engagement.

Lose Followers On Instagram

What is Instagram Shadowbans?

Users who lose followers on Instagram without knowing why might want to see whether they’ve been shadowbanned. Shadowban is a term used to describe a user’s content blocked or restricted from being viewed by others on the platform without their knowledge. People can be shadowbanned if they engage in spammy behavior, such as using banned hashtags, buying followers, or posting low-quality content that violates Instagram’s policies.

Sometimes, accounts can be shadowbanned even if they haven’t intentionally done anything wrong. Please continue reading to learn what is the reason behind drop in Instagram followers?

Why You Lose Followers On Instagram And How To Fix It?

According to TopFollow surveys, there are several reasons for losing followers on IG. Some of the most critical ones are as follows, along with their solutions:

1. Irrelevant And Inferior Content

If your content is of low quality, you lose followers on Instagram quickly. To gain them back, you must take a holistic approach and create high-quality content that resonates with your audience. It requires dedicating time to test different types of content and find the most engaging one. Moreover, it’s essential to be consistent in what and when you post, this helps build trust in the viewer’s mind since they know when to expect new posts from your profile. When done masterfully, such an approach ensures that your content becomes prominently featured on the platform, opening doors for further growth and success on Instagram.

How to Fix this?

  • Focus on first-rate content, not quantity.
  • Every week (or month) measure your content reach.
  • Evaluate the what’s currently being surfaced and what’s not.
  • Test new types of content (e.g Use IG reels, stories, grids, and infographics etc).
  • Must go live and update your users about your products or brands.
  • Create engagement by liking and commenting on your own or user’s posts and interact with your audience.

2. Use of Boring Captions

You want people to feel driven to interact with everything you put out there, but dull and dry captions don’t provoke likes and comments. Reaching new top Insta accounts and keeping your existing audience is harder without that engagement. Due to uninspiring captions, you start losing followers on Instagram.

Try this Instead

  • Use Captions as a meeting place for your virtual community.
  • Make the first 125 characters attention-grabbing.
  • Ask random questions in your captions to catch one’s curiosity.
  • Use emojis in your captions (if they suit your brand).
  • Use the same language that your audience use.
  • Use keywords in captions that can help you appear in the app’s search results.
  • Use both short and long-tail captions.

3. No Use of Hashtags

Inappropriate or no use of hashtags in your captions is one of the ultimate causes of losing so many followers on Instagram. Hashtags are also one of the most suitable ways to boost engagement. So if you don’t use any hashtags or improper hashtags, that might be why you’re losing followers.

How to Resolve this?

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4. Being Too Promotional

Instagram and other social media outlets are most effective when we focus on connecting rather than promoting. It’s nice to share promotions, offers, and brand collaborations occasionally. You can lose Instagram followers by oversharing and being too “promotional.”

How To Rectify This?

  • Keep organic content and promotional content in balance.
  • Create more natural and honest collaborations, and revamp your sales graphics.
  • Use UGC content to engage more followers and likes on your profile.

5. Use of Bots Or Fake Accounts

Having bots or fake accounts aren’t welcome on Insta. These bot accounts and fake followers are often removed according to the Insta privacy policy. A drop in followers in a single day might be due to this. Many people aren’t even familiar that they have ghost followers. If this is the standout reason you’re losing followers, you should take strict action against this strategy and avoid bots and ghost followers.

How to Solve this?

  • Correctly follow Instagram Strategy.
  • Enhance your engagement rate organically, not through bots or fake followers.
  • Learn new Instagram tips and tricks to fetch attraction from your audience.
  • If you want a stream of traffic on your profile, use the Top Follow app for free, which safely brings real and organic followers and likes to your profile.


These things happen more frequently than ever now, and it’s natural. Suppose more people are following new accounts at a slower rate and unfollowing accounts at a higher rate. In that case, we’ll inevitably notice an overall reduction in the act of following. Losing followers is more likely when there are more unfollows and fewer followers.

Here are the top 5 action items to stop losing followers on Instagram:

  1. Use high-quality or User Generated Content for your audience.
  2. Enhance engagement and interaction with users on your posts, reels and stories.
  3. Review the methods you’re using to boost your following. 
  4. Use shorter niche-specific hashtags for all of your posts.
  5. Avoid the use of bots and fake accounts.

Your IG follower count will vary for a variety of reasons. Instagram’s policy is to delete inactive accounts from the platform, which is the most common cause of this. It may cause a sharp decline in followers, but this will more likely return to normal after some time.


In conclusion, there are numerous reasons that people can lose followers on Instagram. Being more active and engaging with existing followers is essential to consistently increasing the follower count. As long as you understand why followers drop off and how to resolve them, you can quickly turn around your drops in upcoming weeks and months. You will eventually revamp those dwindling follower counts if you consistently apply the strategies discussed in this article!

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