Top Follow Login Problem & Limits Behaviour Solutions (2023)

Top Follow Login Problem or Limit Problem can be annoying when trying to collect coins, and a pop-up keeps appearing after reaching 100+ coins. While it might be intimidating, this issue is faced by many who are just starting to enjoy the rewards of their hard work. Luckily, our team has identified the source of this problem and offers several solutions and tips to help you get back on track. We also cover Coins Limit Gone solutions in our tutorial so that your Top Follow experience is smooth through. With our guidance, no Top Follow limitation will be able to stand in your way.

Top Follow Login Problem

why top follow app is not working?

If you’re having top follow login problems, keep going. This issue is more common than you’d think. This problem typically arises in older versions. Therefore, we recommend downloading the latest version of Top Follow for Android, iOS, and PC. To deal with the top follow login issues, first try to reset the cache data from the device settings. If this doesn’t work, you can try some additional tips and tricks. For instance, becoming familiar with the app’s settings on different devices can significantly impact its performance. You can also improve the functionality of the top follow app by reinstalling it. Regardless of your method, clearing out stored data will give you a better top follow experience and help prevent future troubleshooting woes.

Top Follow Relogin Problem Solution 100% Fix

With this method, you’ll learn 3 helpful pro tips that instantly help you permanently eliminate this issue. Usually, people don’t tell a permanent solution to the top follow login problem. They don’t tell you the exact method after how many coins you’ll face this trouble. But we’ll suggest you not stop because of anxiety. We’ve got a long-lasting key to this hurdle. Before starting the procedure, you must restart your device and follow the following steps attentively.

  • Step 1:  Open the TopFollow App and tap on the task option to reset thesettings.
Tap on Task Option
  • Step 2: If you’re facing Top Follow Login Problem before collecting 100 coins, you should reset the following settings.
  • Set the “Delay between tasks in seconds” from 12 to 14.
  • Mark the “Auto Relogin“, “Auto start after Relogin limits“, “Cycle relogin accounts“, “Allow re-login screen pop-up when the app is in the background“, and “limited tasks count to do” options.
  • Set the Max Followers and Likes to 10,000 and tap on the “Save” option. 
Correct the Settings
10% problem is solved

By doing these settings on your device, your worry will be 10% solved. Now come to 2nd Top Follow relogin problem solution trick.

  • Step 3: Go to phone Settings> Apps> Top Follow> Storage option.
Tap on App Option
Click TopFollow App
Tap on Storage option
  • Step 4: Your data and cache will reach up to GB or MB; you must clear the data and cache here. Then go to the Top-follow app and login it again.
Clear Data and Cache
50% Problem is solved

Now your 50% complication will be solved after following all these steps. 


  • Step 5: If you’ve achieved 100+ coins and this issue appears on your screen again, go to the “Task” option for these settings.
  • Set the “Delay between tasks in seconds” from 14 to 16.
  • Mark the “Auto Relogin“, “Auto start after Relogin limits“, “Cycle re-login accounts“, “Allow re-login screen pop-up when the app is in the background“, and “limited tasks count to do” options.
  • Set the Max Followers and Likes to 20,000 and tap on the “Save” option
Reset the Settings
60% Issue is resolved

By doing these settings, your Top Follow Login Problem is resolved by 60% right now. Last but not least, now come to the 4th trick that’s essential and beneficial.

  • Step 6: Many people told you to download different VPNs to run this application. These are all temporary measures, so let us discuss the best VPN to get durable settlements. For this purpose, download Top Follow VPN from the Play Store. Go to PlayStore> Search “vpnn tp”> Select “Windscribe VPN” and install it.
Search best vpn for top follow
Best Topfollow VPN
  • Step 7: Open the VPN application and tap on the “Get Started” option. After doing this “Sign up” for VPN.
Tap on Get Started
Attention Please

Remember to avoid auto connect the VPN. Firstly, you’ve to select the correct state in this freeware to solve the relogin problem in Top Follow app.

  • Step 8: Go to that place in your home where network speed is fast and select “Romania” or “United States” state.
Select Romania
Select United States
100% Issue is Fixed

Well done, congratulations! Our BEST SOLUTION has just solved your Top Follow Login problem. Your hard work and determination have paid off.

  • Step 9: Open and use again your best Top-Follow App by collecting unlimited coins without a snag. (If you want more coins by using codes then tap here)
Collect Coins Again

How to solve immediately Top Follow Limit Problem?

If you’ve ever experienced Top Follow limit gone pop-ups while trying to collect coins, you know they can be pretty annoying. To avoid getting your account disabled while doing so, you must take periodic breaks while top following. Luckily, we’ve an effective solution for Top Follow Limit Problem.

  • Step 1: The first step is to go to the device Settings and search for the date and time at the top of the search bar.
Search Date and Time
  • Step 2: Disable the “Automatic date and time” and “Automatic time zone.”
Disable options
  • Step 3: You’ll need to extend the time and the date by one hour and a day each.
Extend the Day
Extend the time
  • Step 4: Set the time format to 24 hours as well.
Enable the 24 hours format


If you’re looking for a user-friendly experience, the top follow no limits apk is the app for you. As far as we know, it has no serious problems and can run without hassle. However, to get the most out of this freeware, it is recommended to clear your device cache data before running it. Restarting your device afterward should provide a smooth experience throughout usage.

There are many proxies and Top Follow VPNs, but you’ve to use the best one. So, Windscribe, iTop, Top, and Turbo VPNs are more relevant and adequate. If you are using a VPN, make sure you select the correct state every time.

The most suitable VPN services are usually in countries like the United States, Panama, Switzerland, Iceland, Romania, and the British Virgin Islands. These countries have strong laws that protect users’ privacy and stop companies from compiling and processing users’ data.


When gaining fame on Instagram, it’s essential to remember that patience is a virtue. Sometimes the best solutions require time and effort. Our Top Follow Login Problem and Limits Behaviour Solutions are designed to help you quickly get most top followed Instagram accounts and likes without trouble. This freeware is so simple and convenient that you can use it as soon as you breathe. Furthermore, this great platform allows you to generate passive income by providing services to others. Undoubtedly “Verily, along with every hardship, is relief” applies perfectly in this scenario.

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